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In a world of today where much of our work have gone the digital way, use of paper documents have also increased tremendously. Businesses and firms produce data in electronic or paper form and stored in different media like folders, desktop, flash drives etc which if not organized are difficult to locate and takes a considerable amount of your and your organization’s valuable time.Records Rack has the solution to all your document management problems. We provide not just digitizing services but organizing and indexing your entire documents such that they are just a click away, available to you anytime anyplace with our Online Document Management System. Organizations no longer have to worry about reserving space for storing paper documents as we offer Onsite and Offsite Document Management and Storage services.

A Glimpse at our Services


If managing paper is costing time,money or perhaps you’re running out of storage space then we have a range of records management solutions to meet your demands.



Have easy access to all your documents, no matter where you are.                                                                                                             


On premise services

We provide on-premises records management services such as organizing and storing documents for quick and efficient access.                                 



Benefit from our cost effective and high quality document digitization services.                                                                                                    

  • Wide range of services to cater your document management needs.
  • Opt for Online DMS, Offsite/Onsite Records Management, Digitizing services or as a combination per your requirement.
  • Tailor made services so that you only pay for what you need.
  • No need for any software installation for our online DMS service.
  • Segregation and sorting of unorganized documents as per your requirement.